brand eins

  • brand eins and brand eins Wissen magazine

  • Corporate Publishing: Sachsen machen!

  • Adapter export for homepage

  • CMS export for e-reader (kindle / ePub, mobi)

  • blish platform integration (shop, login, subscription, single issues)

  • Digital issues activation for recipients of print editions


  • Hybrid issues (PDF view and responsive html mode)

  • Integration of blish platform (shop, login, subscription, single issues)

  • Cloud-based Serverless PWA WebReader


  • PDF issues with article-based table of contents

  • Subscription support via csv data import to the CoCo user data system

  • Introduction of CoCo adapter with customer-specific output (HTML, CSV, folder structure) for using print data in publisher’s CMS

pv digest

  • Content conversion automatically from Microsoft Word (R) documents

  • Upload digital issues to external CMS (via WordPress-API)

  • Hybrid issues (PDF view and responsive html mode)

  • Cloud-based Serverless PWA WebReader

“For the mobile presentation of pv digest it was very important for me to retain central elements of the monthly edition - for example the side column which allows my customers to quickly scan the content. For the first time, the content converter system provided a solution that is practical for all intents and purposes. In combination with LaterPay I can now offer pv digest via several channels and for individually appropriate prices.”

Markus Schöberl, pv digest