In one of our latest projects we adapted our ContentConverter standard solutions to the individual needs of our customer pv digest in the following way:

pv digest

  • Cooperation with LaterPay, connection to LaterPay Platform (via API) for purchasing articles and issues, see the blog post Achieving digital distribution revenue as Self-Publisher

  • Automated content conversion from Microsoft Word (R) documents

  • Upload digital issues to external CMS (via WordPress-API)

  • Cloud-based Serverless PWA WebReader (Progressive Web App)

  • Monetize through different business models: LaterPay-Purchase, In-App-Purchase, subscriber login, time-based discounts

“For the mobile presentation of pv digest it was very important for me to retain central elements of the monthly edition - for example the side column which allows my customers to quickly scan the content. For the first time, the ContentConverter system provided a solution that is practical for all intents and purposes. In combination with LaterPay I can now offer pv digest via several channels and for individually appropriate prices.”

Markus Schöberl, pv digest


Mobilize your content - fast and easy

With the ContentConverter system, you can convert your content into the digital formats that you require. We provide you with the technology that you need to convert, manage and distribute content and apps for mobile devices and browsers for the optimum reading experience.


Benefit from our publishing solutions for publishing houses, corporate publishers and agencies.

increased digital revenue

Increase your digital revenue by optimising provision of your content via a variety of digital channels.

efficient publishing

The time-saving and cost-effective conversion and publishing process allows for easy integration into existing procedures and IT systems.

optimum reading experience

Provide your customers with a special reading experience on different platforms with visually sound digital outputs in responsive designs.


Conversion & distribution: You can convert content from different data sources and publish magazines, specialist publications, newspapers, sales documents, as well as staff and customer magazines in apps and online.



With our adapter, you can convert your content into the formats you want on a largely automated basis.



Media-neutral data generated in this way can be changed and enriched in the CMS.



You can publish finished versions and feeds in apps or on your website with WebReader.



Publish on other platforms and channels with automated content syndication.

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